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The 20 acres where Camp Erdman is now situated was once owned by one of Hawai’i’s most prominent families – the Dillingham’s.  The YMCA of Honolulu started bringing youth out to what is now YMCA Camp Erdman in 1926. The weekends consisted of learning camp skills and leadership programs.  Walter Dillingham agreed to let the boys camp out at camp in exchange for the YMCA planting trees around the North Shore.

In 1925, the family leased the makai portion of the property to the YMCA. They offered to sell it, but the YMCA lacked the funds to purchase it at the time.  Tragically, on August 26, 1931 Walter Dillingham's nephew Harold Randolf Erdman, was injured in a polo accident and passed away a month later. Harold Randolf Erdman age 26, was a married man and the father of a three month old daughter when he died. In honor of his memory the Dillingham and Erdman families bestowed the property to the YMCA Honolulu and requested that the site be named after their beloved son and nephew.

YMCA Camp H.R. Erdman has been offering Environmental Education classes to students throughout Hawai’i since 1967. If you grew up on O’ahu, chances are you have attended a program at Camp Erdman as a child.  Do you know that the camp fun does not have to stop after Elementary School?  Camp Erdman is a very dynamic place with a variety of programs designed to serve campers of all ages throughout the year:

  • Environmental Education (Grades K-6)
  • Leadership (Grades 6-12)
  • Conference & Retreat (Leadership, Church Groups, Band, Family Reunions…)
  • Summer Camp
  • Family Camp (fun for the whole family!)

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