The YMCA of Honolulu's Aquatics Program is divided into several different levels and is oriented toward student-centered learning.  It is designed to insure the student's safety, provide for regular, progressive success, and make the learning process more enjoyable.  Personal growth, stroke development, water games and sports, personal safety and rescue are incorporated into each level.

Parent / Tot (Ages 6-35 months)

This program is a water orientation class designed for parent and child participation. The class encourages the bond of trust between parent and child and teaches parents how to guide and supervise their children around the water. The child will be exposed to basic movements.

Pre-School (Ages 3-5 Years)

The preschool swim program has four levels designed to help children progress and build elementary swimming and safety skills. Children are placed in small groups with the YMCA trained instructors. Class emphasis is on developing the coordination, endurance, and self-confidence of the preschooler.

Classes Offered
  • Pike - Beginner
  • Eel - Advanced beginner
  • Ray - Low Intermediate
  • Starfish - High Intermediate

Youth (Ages 6-12 Years)

The progressive swim program has six levels designed to help children grow personally and develop strokes and safety skills. Emphasis is on endurance, personal safety, skill development, and lifesaving techniques.

Classes Offered
  • Polliwog - Beginner
  • Guppy - Intermediate beginner
  • Minnow - Advanced Beginner
  • Fish - Intermediate
  • Flying Fish - Advanced Intermediate
  • Shark - Low Advanced

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