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Partners, Resources & Links

Partners, Resources & Links

Aloha United Way

The mission of Aloha United Way (AUW) is to fundraise and serve as a leader in bringing communities together to build partnerships, forge consensus and leverage resources to make a measurable difference on Oahu. AUW partners with organizations like the YMCA of Honolulu to be able to activate community resources and make the greatest possible human impact.


The YMCA of the USA is the national resource office for U.S. YMCAs and exists to serve these YMCAs. The YMCA of the USA is not a facility, and it does not provide direct programs and services to the public. Each YMCA is separate and autonomous from the YMCA of the USA, and each YMCA makes its own decisions based on local community needs. It is based in Chicago, with satellite offices around the country.

Together, the nation's 2,617 YMCAs are the largest not-for-profit community service organization in America, working to meet the health and human service needs of 20.2 million men, women and children in 10,000 communities in the United States. YMCAs are at the heart of community life across the country: 42 million families and 72 million households are located within three miles of a YMCA. Visit the YMCA of USA website for more information.

Hawai'i State Alliance of YMCAs

While incorporated and operated locally, the YMCA of Honolulu cooperates with the YMCAs on the Neighbor Islands.

Y's Men & Women in Hawaii

The Y's Men's & Women's Clubs of the Hawaii Region is a voluntary, nonprofit organization of men, women and youth, whose primary focus is to support the priorities of the local YMCAs and the needs of the community.

For YMCA Staff

Seeking ways to do your job better?  Looking for the latest and greatest YMCA resources? Whether you’re in programming, operations, membership, marketing or training, the YMCA Exchange website is the place to go. It is a service of the YMCA of USA for YMCA staff and volunteers.