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Camp Erdman

Overnight Summer Camp

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Why work at Camp?

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our campers to develop life skills, create new friendships, and have a ton of fun! Anyone who has worked at Camp before knows the profound impact camp staff can have on campers. At Camp Erdman you have an opportunity to be a role model for youth from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the world. Being able to connect with and   Working at Camp can also provide unique opportunities to develop skills such as leadership, work ethic, and the ability to work as a part of a team. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve others in a fun and enriching way, camp might just be for you!

Who we are looking for!

Camp Erdman is looking for committed staff with a service-oriented mindset. Those that are willing to put other's needs in front of themselves and work in as a team to achieve a common goal. Summer Camp requires a very large investment of time and energy, but the reward of being a positive role model for youth is more than worth it. We also have need of those that are confident in their skills and hobbies, and would be interested in passing those skills on to our campers. We also have a ton of fun! Staff should be willing and able to participate in a multitude of camp songs, games, and activities.

You'll also be happy to know that all of our applicants are put through an extensive criminal background checks and all sex offender registries.

Types of Summer Camp Positions

All of our staff are "Counselors", meaning that we are here to serve campers. But there are many different ways to help camp accomplish that goal, and we have several positions that reflect those needs. We reserve our staff positions for those who can attend all relevant trainings and can commit the entire summer camp season. All of our summer staff live on site, whether with campers or in shared housing, and have 3 meals provided a day.

Cabin Counselors are the primary caregivers and role models for our campers. They stay in the cabin with up to 13 campers and 1-2 other cabin counselors. They are with our campers all session long, day and night. They are expected to provide a safe environment for campers to grow and have fun, as well treat their cabin as an 'Ohana. Counselors also facilitate programming such as archery, sports, arts & crafts, nature and more. Some counselors will serve as lifeguards and ropes course facilitators, which we train in an additional week of staff training before the summer begins. Counselors are also put through a week of extensive staff training before the summer begins, where they learn everything they need to be a successful Camp Counselor.

There are also opportunities for our Cabin counselors to work with our specialty camps, such as Surf and Ropes, as well as our Teen Programs.

In this position you will have the responsibility of supervising all counselors, developing staff, being a role model for campers, organizing the many activities, and provide much of the daily leadership in camp. Can be housed in cabins assigned per 'Ohana, Unit Leaders are usually college graduates with previous resident camp or supervisory experience preferred.

Summer camp employs one Registered Nurse and a Nurse assistant to operate our health center. Primary responsibilities include medication distribution, emergency services and preserving the overall health of YMCA Camp Erdman.

Media Team

We typically hire one Photographer and one Videographer for the summer. Their roles are to take collect all of the precious memories the kids have and share them with our families. The photographer collects photos of campers doing activities and sharing them with our families through a variety of social media outlets. Our Videographer collects footage each week for weekly session videos and promotional videos. Together they form an essential team that helps families stay connected with their campers, manages our social media presence, and preserves all of the great memories campers and staff make at Camp. Experience in relevant fields is preferred.

Our media team is also expected to support cabins and counselors when necessary.

Bus Driver

We hire two bus drivers for the summer to oversee and conduct all of our transportation needs using 14 passenger buses. This includes trips to and from the airport, other YMCA branches on the island, and specialty camp locations. Bus Driver's need to be at least 21 years of age, have valid Driver's license, and complete our week long Bus Driver certification course. This includes hours of in person and online trainings, road testing, and the ability to pass a physical, drug test, and driver history. The Bus Driver's are also responsible for contacting airlines to confirm flight information, managing waivers and health forms, and maintaining Camp vehicles.

Bus Driver's are also expected to support cabins and counselors when necessary.

Office Assistant

We also hire two office assistants for the summer to help with all of our administrative needs. Their roles typically involve taking registrations, managing health forms and waivers, creating rosters, and working in our Camp Store.

Office Assistants are also expected to support cabins and counselors when necessary.

Staff Training

We require an intensive overnight staff training with all of our staff before the camper's arrive. Staff training is *required* and we cannot employ any staff who can not attend this training. Our mandatory Orientation week for all staff is 5/23/20-5/29/20, with all staff expected to arrive by 5/22/2020.

Those positions requiring extra training will require an additional week of Certification training. Those positions include Leadership, Lifeguard, Ropes Facilitator, Bus Driver, and Office Assistant. This week is 5/18/20-5/22/20 and we would expect those staff to arrive at camp on 5/17/20.

Important Dates

Applications Open: November 1st, 2019

Staff Arrive: 5/17/20

Cert Week: 5/18/20 - 5/22/20 (Monday - Friday)

Orientation: 5/23/20 - 5/29/20 (Saturday - Friday)

1st Day of Camp: 5/31/20

Last Day of Camp: 8/8/20

How to Apply

Applications are currently being accepted!

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For International Applicants, please visit IENA to find more information about Visa's and how to apply for one.

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