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Why work at Camp?

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our campers to develop life skills, create new friendships, and have a ton of fun! Anyone who has worked at Camp before knows the profound impact camp staff can have on campers. At Camp Erdman you have an opportunity to be a role model for youth from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the world. Being able to connect with and   Working at Camp can also provide unique opportunities to develop skills such as leadership, work ethic, and the ability to work as a part of a team. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve others in a fun and enriching way, camp might just be for you!

Who we are looking for!

Camp Erdman is looking for committed staff with a service-oriented mindset. Those that are willing to put other's needs in front of themselves and work in as a team to achieve a common goal. Summer Camp requires a very large investment of time and energy, but the reward of being a positive role model for youth is more than worth it. We also have need of those that are confident in their skills and hobbies, and would be interested in passing those skills on to our campers. We also have a ton of fun! Staff should be willing and able to participate in a multitude of camp songs, games, and activities.

You'll also be happy to know that all of our applicants are put through an extensive criminal background checks and all sex offender registries.

Types of Summer Camp Positions

All of our staff members are here to serve the kids. There a various roles and positions, outside of the typical "counselor", that help achieve this goal. We reserve our staff positions for those who can attend all relevant trainings and can commit to the entire summer camp season. All summer staff are provided housing on site, whether with campers or in shared housing, and have 3 meals provided a day.

Cabin Counselors are the primary caregivers and role models for our campers. They stay in the cabin with our campers and 1-2 other staff members. They are with our campers all session long, day and night. They are expected to provide a safe environment for campers to grow and have fun, as well treat their cabin as an 'Ohana. Counselors also facilitate programming such as archery, sports, arts & crafts, nature and more. Some counselors will serve as lifeguards and ropes course facilitators, after successfully completing a full week of specialized training prior to summer beginning. All staff will partake in a second week of extensive staff training before the summer begins, where they learn everything they need to be a successful Camp Counselor.

In addition, there are select specialty counselor position available. We offer 3 specialty camps - surfing, horseback riding, and ropes. These counselors spend the mornings either off-site with our surf and horse camp partners, or on-site teaching at our ropes course.

All leadership staff have a hand in creating and implementing daily programming, providing daily leadership and supervision, and will ultimately be the main support and supervision on a daily basis to counselors.  Leadership staff are expected to be willing to step in and cover/support any cabin that needs it.  Leadership will be assigned 2-3 cabins that are to be their focus of support and supervision efforts each week.  These cabins may be junior or senior aged cabins.  Upon interviewing and hiring, each leadership staff member will also be given two (2) areas of camp that they are mainly responsible for the coordination of planning, operating, and maintaining throughout summer.  These areas include, but are not necessarily limited to: Ropes, Target Sports, Aquatics, Teen Programming, Adventure Camp, Support Staff/Transportation Coordination, Battle Challenge, Cabin Cup, Sports, Nature, Arts and Crafts, Evening Le’ale’a Planning.  Pairing leadership staff with activity ownership will depend upon interest, time constraints, and best fit at Camp Erdman.  Ultimately the leadership will be “Summer Leadership - Camp Coordinator”, with the main activity/area ownership being a sub-title.

Leadership staff are typically experienced camp workers and understand the long list of needs that a summer camp needs.  The leadership team works closely with the Summer Camp Director, Assistant Summer Camp Director, and Day Camp Director.

Program Staff
Program Staff are responsible for helping camp run smoothly, without serving as the primary caregivers throughout the day. There are 5 Program Staff positions: (1)Nurse, (2)Nurse's Aide, (3)Bus Driver), (4)Media Coordinator, and (5)Office Assistant.

The Nurse and Nurse's Aide make up our health center staff and are responsible for responding to and caring for any illness, injury, or medicine distribution. The Nurse should have their RN or BSN, and Nurse's Aide should be on a similar track or career path.

The Bus Driver serves as camp's main transportation organizer. A Bus Driver completes various tasks including pick-ups and drop-offs at the beginning and end of each session, as well as transporting campers and staff to our offsite specialty camps. This role also includes covering any staff or camper transportation needs. Bus Drivers must be 21 years of age and have held a valid driver's license for 3 years.

The Media Coordinator serves as the main social media correspondent for Camp Erdman's social platforms. This position is responsible for taking pictures and videos daily. These photos and videos are uploaded online for viewing. They will also be tasked with creating a weekly highlight video for campers and camp families to view at the conclusion of each session.

The Office Assistant serves as an assistant to our full-time Camp Registrar and assists with summer-related administrative needs. Administrative tasks can include work relating to camper registration, cabin assignments, our camp store, etc.

Staff Training

We require an intensive overnight staff training with all of our staff before the camper's arrive. Staff training takes place over two weeks. Certification week for our skill positions at camp takes place during the first week, while the second week serves as an opportunity for all staff to get together, bond, and learn the ins and outs of Camp Erdman and what it means to be a part of our Summer Staff. Staff training is *required* and we cannot employ any staff who can not attend this training. Our mandatory Orientation week for all staff is 5/21/2023-5/27/2023, with all staff expected to arrive by 5/20/2023.

The skill positions that require the extra week of training are Leadership, Bus Driver, Nurse, and Office Assistant. This week is 5/15/2023-5/19/2023. We would expect those staff members to arrive at camp on 5/14/2023

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Questions? Contact Andrew Markey, Director of Summer and Teen Programs, at amarkey@ymcahonolulu.org.

For International Applicants, please visit IENA to find more information about Visa's and how to apply for one.

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