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Preschool Assistant Teacher - Pali

Position: Preschool Assistant Teacher - Pali
Location: Nuuanu
Salary Range: $16.00/hour
Status: Full-time/Non-Exempt

This position supports the work of the Y, a leading nonprofit, charitable organization committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The Preschool Assistant Teacher at Leeward YMCA works with teachers and supervisors to maintain a supportive, positive atmosphere that welcomes and respects all individuals, promotes the potential of all youth, and provides a quality experience to both youth and their families.

  1. Works with teachers/supervisors and assists in planning and leading age and developmentally appropriate early learning experiences in a classroom setting, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 2 to under 6 years of age.
  2. Assists with supervising the children, classroom, and all program activities.
  3. Follows all procedures and standards as established by the law or the Y; makes ADA accommodations where appropriate; maintains the program site, equipment, and required program records.
  4. Nurtures children through assisting with purposeful programming; works with teachers to create lesson plans that are intended to achieve program goals and outcomes.
  5. Creates a positive rapport and shared interest with all youth.
  6. Works with teachers to provide opportunities for youth to lead, problem-solve, and make decisions and choices within the program and provides daily opportunities for youth to reflect on and respond to their experiences.
  7. Assists teachers in making ongoing, systematic observations and evaluations of each child.
  8. Assist teachers to provide and welcome ongoing dialogue with parents and caregivers about their child’s needs and progress; conducts parent/caregiver conferences; connects families to the Y.
  9. Assists in snack preparation
  10. May lead and or assist in circle time activities and/or large group activities as assigned.
  11. Cleans up and prepares room for next day.
  12. Interacts with children and provides supervision of children at all times.
  13. Tends to diapering and toilet needs of children.
  14. Attends and participates in family nights, program activities, staff meetings, and staff training.
  15. Adheres to policies, standard operating procedures, and handbooks related to boundaries with youth.
  16. Participates and attends all required abuse risk management training.
  17. Adheres to standards & procedures related to managing high-risk activities and supervising youth.
  18. Reports any suspicious, inappropriate behaviors and policy violations to supervisor immediately and complies with mandated YMCA and State of Hawaii abuse reporting requirements.
  19. Reinforces staff and volunteers to adhere to policies and procedures related to abuse risk.
  20. Responds seriously and confidentially to reports of suspicious and inappropriate behaviors, and respond quickly to policy and procedure violations using the organization’s progressive disciplinary procedures.
  21. Complies with the YMCA and State of Hawaii abuse reporting requirements.
  22. Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Must be qualified and registered through DHS Hawaii Early Childhood Registry according to the state child care licensing rules:
  • Post secondary credential in child development associate program or associate of arts degree and certificate in early childhood education, and six months experience working in an early childhood program; or
  • (2) Two years (sixty credits) of post secondary education plus six months working in an early childhood program and nine credits--semester equivalent approved child development or early childhood training courses.
  • Waivers for teacher or assistant teacher positions may be granted by the department if there are no qualified applicants available for the position, provided : (1) The position vacancy has been advertised in the classified ad section of the largest newspaper in the county; The prospective employee meets the requirement for the next lower position; There is a written plan presented to the department's division administrator on the steps to be taken to bring the employee up to the proper qualifications for the position; and (4) Approval for a waiver has been received prior to the hiring of the non-qualified teacher or assistant teacher
  • Temporary hires shall meet qualifications of positions for which hired
  • Substitutes for teachers and assistant teachers shall be at least eighteen years of age and shall have participated in an orientation program of the facility. The curriculum, lesson plans, and daily activities assigned to the substitute shall be closely supervised by the center's director.
  • CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications required.
  • Child Abuse Prevention training (Praesidium) prior to the start of first shift.
  • Previous experience working with children in a developmental setting preferred.
  • Ability to plan, organize and implement age-appropriate/developmentally appropriate program activities.
  • Previous experience with diverse populations.
  • Ability to develop positive, authentic relationships with people from different backgrounds.
  • Commitment to inclusion and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • YMCA Team Leader certification preferred.
  • Fulfillment of state-specific hiring standards and completion of YMCA program-specific training.
  • Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community.
  • Daily access to personal vehicle required.

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