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Healthy Weight and Your Child Content Leader

Position: Healthy Weight and Your Child Content Leader
Location: Leeward & Waianae
Salary Range: $15.00 - $25.00/hour
Status: Part Time/Non-Exempt


Healthy Weight and Your Child (HWYC) program is an evidence-based lifestyle change intervention designed to address childhood obesity. This program is for children and their families ages 7-13 with a body mass index of 95th percentile or higher. This family-based weight-management program focuses on nutrition education and physical activity to encourage healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle to achieve a healthy weight.

The Content Leader’s main responsibilities are to facilitate delivery of Healthy Weight and Your Child (HWYC) curriculum, provide support and guidance to program participants, and maintain fidelity to the curriculum. The Content Leader will deliver the education and nutrition portions of the program curriculum to a cohort of 15 families of varying ages and backgrounds. The Content Leader will use facilitating skills to engage youth, adults, and for successful time management of the sessions.

  • Responsibilities that fall under the Content Leader include:
  • Engage children and their families in a fun, comfortable, and inclusive atmosphere;
  • Facilitate group discussion around nutrition and healthy habits;
  • Encourage parent or caregiver support and participation;
  • Encourage goal setting and action planning;
  • Ability to participate in the activities and serve as a role model for the children and adults;
  • Encourage parents and caregivers to become aware of their surroundings and triggers that may cause unhealthy food choices;
  • Serve as a co-lead during the second hour of the sessions to support the Activity Leader and engage in physical activity with the families.



  • Must understand data collection and possess strong computer skills
  • TB test required
  • CPR / 1st Aid required


  • College degree preferred
  • YMCA’s Facilitating Change in Small Groups certification (required prior to program delivery)
  • YMCA’s Healthy Weight and Your Child certification (required prior to program delivery)
  • YMCA of USA’s HIPAA certification (required prior to program delivery)


  • Experience Facilitating Groups preferred
  • Experience working with both children and/or families

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