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Chronic Disease Programs

Chronic Disease Programs

COVID-19 Update on Chronic Disease Classes

The YMCA of Honolulu Chronic Disease Department is now collaborating with the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii to continue to serve the community and provide the Diabetes Prevention Program and Healthy Weight and Your Child Program. Please inquire at 808-589-5906 or

For inquiries regarding the YMCA Enhance Fitness or Parkinson’s Program, please contact our Call Center for the latest class offerings at 808-678-4296 or

Healthy Weight and Your Child Program

The Healthy Weight and Your Child program creates a safe, fun and active environment for children and families to combat child obesity and explore and adopt proven methods to living a healthier lifestyle.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program is specifically for people who have "pre-diabetes" or are at risk for Type 2 diabetes. The group-based program covers nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification.


Enhance®Fitness is a proven senior fitness and arthritis management program that improves endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

Parkinson's Program

We offer classes designed specifically for members with Parkinson's Disease that improves their quality of life by restoring lost functions.