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YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program

What are your risks for developing Type 2


Diabetes affects 1 in 3 adults in Hawai'i costing an estimated $1.5 billion each year. Diabetes is also the leading cause of heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease and nerve disease.

Many cases of Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided if discovered and treated early. This is known as Prediabetes, which occurs when blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. Prediabetes effects about 28,800 adults in Hawai'i. But only 14% of those people know they have Prediabetes. People with Prediabetes are likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes within 10 years, unless action is taken now.

The good news: in most cases, Prediabetes is a reversible condition. This is where the YMCA of Honolulu can help.

What is YDPP?

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP) is an evidence based program. Research conducted by the National Institutes of Health has proven that programs like YDPP can reduce the number of cases of Type 2 Diabetes by 58% for adults, and by 71% for seniors

In YDPP, you will spend a year surrounded by a group of supportive people with common goals who care about your well-being. Together you will work toward the program goals of 7% weight loss and increasing physical activity by 150 minutes per week. Each of the 25, 1-hour sessions will build the skills you need and provide the support you deserve to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes. You will share ideas, problem solve, and trade old habits for healthier new ones in a safe space where you will feel comfortable to share and learn. Come join us at the Y to lose weight, boost your energy, reduce your risk for diabetes and improve your health for life!

What can I expect from YDPP?

  • 25 FUN sessions delivered over ONE YEAR - 16 weekly, 3 every-other week, and 6 monthly sessions

  • Group based classes - 10-20 fellow participants and one certified Lifestyle Coach

  • Lifestyle change - making small changes that lead to BIG change FOR LIFE

  • Weight loss - goal of 7% weight loss

  • Increasing physical activity by 2.5 hours per week - getting heart rate up through activities that interest you

  • Tracking is key - tracking physical activity and food and beverages consumed has shown greater success with reaching program goals

  • Attendance is important - studies show increased attendance is associated with increased success in reaching program goals. For greatest weight loss success, it is recommend that no more than 3 sessions are missed

Do I qualify for YDPP?

To participate in the program, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be overweight (BMI ≥23 of Asian/≥25 if other)

  • Have one of the following qualifying blood score or diagnosis

- A1c (must be 5.7% - 6.4%)

- Fasting Plasma Glucose (must be 100-125 mg/dL)*

- 2-Hour (75gm glucola) Plasma Glucose (must be 140-199 mg/dL)

- Clinical diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes (GDM) during a previous pregnancy

  • If you don't have a blood test, you must have a qualifying risk score on a Risk Assessment Test*

- ADA - a score of ≥5 is high

What does it cost to participate in YDPP?

YDPP cost around $1200 per participant. The Y sees the need for programs such as YDPP in the community and therefore subsidizes this cost. The out of pocket fee to $690. Monthly payment plans are available.

However, YDPP is covered by several insurance companies, including Medicare Parts B & C. Call your insurance provider or HR department to see if your costs are covered. As of February 2020, here are the active insurance partners that cover YDPP:

  • UHA - all members covered
  • Kaiser - all members and Medicare part C (Advantage) covered
  • HMSA - EUTF active and retired members, most PPO and HMO plans, Medicare part C (Advantage) covered
  • HMAA - all members covered
  • AlohaCare - Medicare part C (Advantage) covered
  • United Health - Medicare part C (Advantage) covered
  • Medicare - part B plans covered

Where are YDPP classes offered?

Currently we offer YDPP at our YMCA branches.

  • Kaimuki Wai'alae YMCA - 4835 Kilauea Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816
  • Leeward YMCA - 94-440 Mokuola St. Waipahu, HI 96797
  • Mililani YMCA - 95-1190 Hikikaulia St. Mililani, HI 96789
  • Nu'uanuu YMCA - 1441 Pali Hwy. Honolulu, HI 96813
  • Windward YMCA - 1200 Kailua Rd. Kailua, HI 96734
Classes are offered at different times of day and different days of the week at each location. Call to learn more about our current class offerings.

We can also make arrangements to bring YDPP to you if you have 10-15 qualifying participants interested in YDPP. An example of this might be: a lunch time meeting at your companies building and with 10-15 of your qualifying co-workers. Or, a weeknight at your church with 10-15 of your qualifying church members. Space would have to be available at no extra cost. Call to learn more about this opportunity.

I'm a healthcare provider, how do I refer clients to YDPP?

Although a referral is not required to participate in YDPP, any health care professional can refer clients to YDPP. Please use our Fillable YDPP Referral and send via secure fax to 808.644.8821 or encrypted email to ngibeau@ymcahonolulu.org.

How do I register for YDPP?

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Noël Gibeau at 808.548.0951 or healthprograms@ymcahonolulu.org

We look forward to meeting you!

More Q&A

Q: Do I have to be a YMCA member to participate?
A: No, you do not have to be a YMCA member to participate, all are welcome!

Q: Is YDPP an exercise program?
A: No, YDPP is not an exercise program. The program is held in a classroom, and lead by a trained YMCA Lifestyle Coach who facilitates discussion amongst the group to encourage learning about healthier eating, physical activity and other behavior changes.

Q: I have Type 2 Diabetes, can I participate?
A: No, individuals who have already been diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes do not qualify for this program.  However, the Y can refer you to other resources for Diabetes Management, Education, and Support groups.

Q: What if I miss a session?
A: If you are unable to attend a session, your Lifestyle Coach will work with you to schedule a 1-hour make-up session to give you the opportunity to catch up on content from the missed session. However, we do not recommend missing more than 2 consecutive, or 3 total core (1-16) sessions. Prior to the start of the program, if you know you will miss more than 3 core sessions, it is recommended to wait until the next cohort.

*some insurances have different qualification requirements:
- If using Fasting Plasma Glucose to qualify, Medicare Beneficiaries must have a blood score 110-125 mg/dL
- Some insurance require blood test or GDM to qualify. In these cases, a risk score can not be used to qualify


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