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Cardio Classes


A combination of kicking/punching drills, jump rope, football, basketball, track drills, core training, plyometrics and strengthening. Intermediate level.

Bosu Step

This class incorporates both the Bosu stability ball and step choreography. Fun and challenging for the advanced steppers.

Cardio Dance

This class is a beginner/intermediate low impact aerobic workout influenced by various styles of dance. For example: latin, salsa, hip hop or a combination of many styles. All levels. AOA.

Cardio Kickboxing®

This is the trademarked format that few are certified to teach. High intensity class and fast paced. Heavy bags are used! Bring hand wraps. Intermediate level.


A combination of impact and non-impact aerobics, toning and stretching with modifications for beginners.


It's one of the original dance fitness, total-body conditioning programs that combines the art of jazz dance and the beat of popular music.


A fun way to get a total body workout, increasing stamina, flexibility and strength. High energy with great music.

Low Impact I

This fun class is ideal for those desiring only low impact exercise and an easy to follow format. Tell your instructor of any limitations you may have.

Low Impact II

This class will be higher in intensity (not impact) and choreography will be more complex, yet still easy on the joints.

Step I

designed for beginners who have never attended step or are at a beginner fitness level. Choreography is repetitive and easy to follow.

Step I/II

Expect a faster pace and more diverse choreography. Still appropriate for less experienced.

Step II

Quick transitions and choreography make this class more suitable for experienced steppers.

Step Interval

A cardiovascular aerobic and anaerobic workout using the REEBOK STEP and riser system. The simple choreography and fun moves will encourage the participant to work harder! Intervals will provide resistance training for muscular strength and endurance. ALL levels. AOA.

Turbo Kick®

This kickboxing format is generally low impact and high intensity! Every class you attend will feel familiar as pre-designed choreography is memorized the same way by every instructor. This ensures that you learn safely and effectively while executing easy to learn, high energy patterns!

Walk for Life

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise for all levels. All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing and a desire to stay healthy.