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Ashtanga (Power) Yoga

Ashtanga or power yoga is more vigorous than other types of yoga and focuses on developing strength and stamina.

Hatha Yoga/Gentle Yoga

This is a gentle yoga, with slow transitions, with emphasis on stretching and breathing. This class will improve posture, alignment and balance. ALL levels. AOA.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is known for its use of props like belts and blocks. It has great attention to detail and precise focus on body alignment.


Pilates consist of exercise derived from gymnastics, ballet, yoga and original pilate’s moves. You will notice a change in your abdominal, lower back, thigh and glute strength and an incredible difference in your posture within a few weeks.

Pilates I/II

Improve core strength, posture and overall body awareness. For beginning and intermediate Pilates students.

Pilates with Ball

These classes add in the Bosu, Fit and /or Pilates Coach balls in the class. It's suitable for our more experienced members.

Qi Gong

Qi means energy and this beneficial exercise involves the coordination of different breathing patterns with various physical postures and motions of the body.

Stretch and Relax

Flexibility is essential to attain ultimate functional health. This class will guide you through a full body of stretches. The focus will be on promoting balance in the body. Breathing techniques and restorative poses will promote relaxation. All levels. AOA.

Stretching Classes and Meditation

A relaxing combination of stretching exercises and meditation to soothe the mind and spirit.

Tai Chi

This exercise is often referred to as “Chinese Yoga” or moving mediation. Using movement to find your inner energy is both relaxing and enlightening. This class is sessional and rotated with Qi Gong every six months.

Tai Chi/Arthritis

Through Tai Chi, this class program helps people with arthritis reduce pain and improve on many aspects of health.

Tai Chi Yoga Flow

A gentle form of tai chi, with no deep bending. Slow moving hands, stepping and transferring your body weight, some balancing postures. A light weight shoe is okay. This tai chi form is excellent for arthritis. AOA, All levels.

Vinyasa Flow (Yoga)

This class is a flowing combination of several principles, a nice combination of hatha and power moves, flexibility and holding of poses.

Yoga Lates

A nice combination of Pilates and Yoga moves, improving flexibility and increasing strength. Each class will be little different.