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Specialty Formats

Beginning Boxing

Come and learn true boxing technique, drills and training with our professional teachers. Gloves and hand wraps are required.

Belly Dancing

The ultimate dance workout that unleashes your creative spirit.

Bosu Classes

Bosu is a rubber dome on a flat, round platform. BOSU actually stands for “BOth Sides Up,” meaning that the “ball” itself can be placed on the ground with either the flat or rounded side up. Bosu classes can include aerobic and strength training routines, flexibility exercises, and balance training.

Hip Hop Dance

This dance class is a way to express yourself through the basics of the hip hop style. It's a fun and creative environment to get your heart pumping while learning new combinations every week Class will use original hip hop music.

Line Dancing

Like low-impact aerobics, but with a twist of fun line dancing.


Nia® is an interpretive dance class combining yoga, martial arts, jazz, ballet, etc. into its unique and uplifting format. You must give this class one try to experience the joy.

Salsa Aerobics

Got the beat? Try a fun exercise class based on Latin dancing.