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Group Exercise Classes

Strength Training

Bosu Circuit

Bosu Circuit is a combination of interval strength and cardio conditioning exercises with the Bosu ball.

Burn I

This endurance training class will use bands, hand weights and props to specifically tone and endurance train your muscles. Expect a total body workout.

Burn II

This weight training class will use our bar/plate system and props to strength train your muscles. You can use hand weights as an option.

Circuit Classes

The Leeward and Nuuanu YMCAs both have a Healthy Start Center, which offer dynamic classes that alternate aerobic exercise stations with muscle resistance stations.

Edge Conditioning Class

This 30 minute ‘athletes’ class is taught in our weight room, unless listed with a cycling class. Expect Tabata, Cross-fit, and various sport moves in 3 minute round, exhausting stations! Sign up at the Welcome Center is required. Advanced Level.

Gravity Classes

Offering an efficient and effective full-body workout targeting all major muscle groups, Gravity classes allow you to find the perfect amount of resistance for your workout.

Gut Cut

This intense 30-minute abdominal training class targets all surface areas of your torso including the lower back. You'll love the burn!

Pilates Abs

Train your deeper abdominals, back, thighs and upper body through Pilates-based moves. Use of Bosu, Fit Ball and Gliders may be used.

Total Body Conditioning

A resistance training workout utilizing weights, tubing and body bars.