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Sunshine Kuhia Smith

Media Specialist


Cassidy Inamasu
Executive Director
[email protected]

Getting through high school was a close call. With a less than 1.5 GPA, surviving a attempted overdose, and struggling with anxiety and depression, I made it. Looking for work after high school, I never suspected to find my passion, my strengths, and really, myself through what we do at the Y.  Not to mention obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Sociology and pursuing my Masters in Public Administration.  Opportunities to experience the world shaped my story.

​Twelve years ago I participated in a service trip to the Philippines.  It was my first international trip and it opened my eyes to a world of global service.  ​Then, ten years ago I was a part of the US delegation participating in the YMCA of Europe's Roots for Reconciliation initiative in Armenia.  The idea: to use YMCA programs as the vehicle for peace, reconciliation, and foundation of connection between the people of war torn states.

​While we celebrate 150 years of service in Honolulu, we also wrap up Atherton YMCA's participation in the YMCA 175th anniversary in London. Seeing our students thrive at an international conference, catching up with friends from all walks of my own YMCA journey, and learning about the larger connection the YMCA has to other global organizations, especially the United Nations and Amnesty International, I am, for a lack of a better phrase, "fired up" to provide quality experiences like the ones afforded to me, and lead our YMCA into the coming years.


Lesli Yogi (Chair)Hawaii P-20, Communications & Engagement Specialist
Atina Pascua (Vice Chair)UH Office of Civic & Community Engagement, Executive Director
Kiman Wong (Finance)Charter Communications, Director of Wireless & Government Affairs
Lauren Dookchitra  (Secretary)
Locations Hawaii, Senior Project Development Manager
Ann Mahi
Department of Education, Complex Area Superintendent (Retired)
Bryce UyeharaBryce E. Uyehara AIA Inc. Architecture, Principal Architect
Carl AckermanPunahou Schools, Social Sciences Faculty (Retired)
Daniel PortUH Shidler College of Business, Associate Professor of Information Technology Management
Kara IwasakiKumabe HR, Vice President
Malia PetersHawaii Community Foundation, Director of Philantropy
Mike KawaharadaEnglekirk Structural Engineers, Principal
Patrick WilliamsonErnest & Young LLP, Senior Manager Advisory Services, Financial Services
Ben DookchitraEagle Point Hotel Partners LLC, Senior Vice President
Nainoa HeastonAvalon Healthcare Center, Administrator
Katie KaahanuiChamber of Commerce, Education & Workforce Development Coordinator
Christina AndresAtherton Y Student Board President 2019-2020
Jan IgaHawaii Dental Association, Director of Human Resources
Lanae SantosBank of Hawaii, Vice President & Residential Loan Partner
Rayen WatanabeAloha United Way, Digital Marketing Manager

For a list of YMCA of Honolulu Board of Directors please click here.

STUDENT BOARD SY 2020 - 2021

Geneva Dela Cruz
Psychology & Biology

Eleanor Yuan
Vice President
Global Environmental Science & Economics

Tina Huynh-Nguyen
Global Environmental Science

Chad Ho
Eunice Bala
Public Relations Liaison
Biology & Philipine Language and Literature

Sherimae Murro
Public Relations Liaison
Public Health
Camryn DuBose
Marketing Chair
Communications & Film

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