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Conservation Trip - Spring

Alternative Spring Break 2023


Atherton's Conservation Trip is an intensive week-long community service-learning program that is designed to introduce students to diverse communities and an array of important social issues; with a lens of the preservation of Hawaiian history and culture. Students benefit from over a decade of relationships and get to participate in a unique experience in partnership with various organizations across the Molokai.  Previous projects include invasive species removal, fishpond restoration, boardwalk maintenance, Kalo farming, and sand dune restoration.  This Spring Break we will be spending our time:

  • 1 day at Kahina Pohaku Loko I'a
  • 1 day at Aina Pula Pula Organic Farms
  • 1 day in Halawa Valley
  • 1 day in Kamakou Preserve
  • 1 day in Mo'omomi Preserve

We also make sure that we include some fun and site seeing into the agenda.  Atherton YMCA hopes that this experience leads all of its participants along an exciting new path of service to others and the larger community.  We thank you for your interest in our Conservation Service Trip and we hope you can join us!

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Saturday, March 11 - Friday, March 17, 2023


$600 (all inclusive) with fundraising opportunities, additional financial assistance, & payment plans available

True cost of the trip this year is $1,100 due to the changes made due to COVID.  The YMCA's Annual Campaign will support students to reduce the cost to $600.  Participants will be asked to help promote the experience and help the YMCA thank donors in return.  Ideally, participants may continue to volunteer with the YMCA or in their community to perpetuate what they learned through the experience.


Work assignments normally involve strenuous physical activity. Team members must be in good physical health. Conservation Trip team members participate at their own risk.

The YMCA follows all guidelines provided by the CDC, Department of Health, and both Honolulu & Maui Counties.  As guidelines are updated, the YMCA and its participants are expected to adjust and adhere to all guidelines including, but not limited to mask wearing, vaccination and testing, and distancing.

As an extra precaution, all participants, staff, and volunteers attending the Spring 2022 Conservation Service Trip must test negative for COVID-19 within 72-hours of departure from Honolulu, regardless of vaccination status.  Molokai is an extremely special place and our project hosts are literally welcoming us into their homes.  All participants, volunteers, and staff attending the trip will be asked to be very mindful of their social activities and engagements leading up to the experience.


All participants are required to attend and actively participate in planning meetings. Participants are to take  a role in service activities and projects. Attendance for all meetings, trainings, and trip preparation are important and required unless excused by the Program Director.  This will all be determined once the group is solidified.

Conservation Trip Code of Conduct

1. All participants will exercise good judgment, be aware that their personal actions have consequences, and work to maintain a positive "group dynamic." Everyone will contribute to the group's welfare and will not take unnecessary risks that could jeopardize the success of the program. The program will be physically and mentally challenging and individuals should avoid situations that impair their health and judgment.

2. A "buddy system" will be used while traveling and on site. Buddies do not have to be roommates, but should be designated in groups of  2 to 4. Students will watch out for one another even during ‘free time’. The directors should be contacted immediately if there is any reason for concern.

3. If someone asks or suggests to a participant that his/her particular behavior is inappropriate, the participant will take the request into consideration.. Extremely disruptive behavior will result in dismissal from the group, and the offending individual will be responsible for any additional costs incurred (including airfare back home).

Agreements/Travel Code

I agree to be responsible for paying the entire cost of the trip for the above Conservation trip, or the remaining balance. Payments will be made according to the payment schedule.

I understand that the cost of the airplane ticket is non-refundable once tickets have been issued.  I understand and agree to pay all costs/fees/deposits associated with the Conservation Trip in full and on time, if full payment has not been made by the delegated date, I forfeit my plane ticket and all previous payments, and will not be allowed to travel to Moloka'i.

I agree to uphold the Conservation Trip Group Social Contract (this will be created by the group) and the Conservation Trip travel code.  I understand that I may be removed from the Conservation Trip due to the violation of the Social Contract and Travel Code. If this occurs during the spring break component, I may be required to leave the group at the Program Director’s discretion, and will be responsible for any additional costs incurred.

I understand and recognize that there exists the possibility and risk of bodily injury to me, or damage to my property while participating in this program, including travel to and from the program site.

I will not possess or use alcohol or other illegal substances while participating in any events sponsored by the program.  I understand that any use of alcohol or any misconduct may result in my dismissal from the program with any paid deposits or fees to be forfeited to the YMCA, and any costs for return to Honolulu, Hawaii to be at my expense.

In consideration of the Atherton YMCA for allowing me to participate in this voluntary activity, I hereby release, relieve, and hold harmless the Atherton YMCA, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents from any liability or claim of liability arising out of my participation in the program, including travel to and from the program site/host country.

I am aware that I will be involved in an experience that will be multicultural, may present physical and emotional challenges, and require the highest standards of character and moral behavior.  I am prepared for such an experience and will comply with the guidelines provided by our in-country hosts and YMCA staff leaders.