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Frosh Camp

While our annual FROSH Camp has been on hold, we have been hosting a variety of activities for college freshmen through out the year.

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Ease into college and spend the weekend before classes start on the North Shore of Oahu at the YMCA Camp Erdman. Sitting between the ocean and mountain, you'll get a taste of what Oahu has to offer. You'll meet others from all walks of life which often turn into lasting friendships. The weekend includes lots of food, hiking, the beach, games, culture, tips from 2nd and 3rd years; and everything camp has to offer (archery, ropes course, and more). Join us for an experience you'll remember forever!

"College can be intimidating. From walking across campus from one class to the next, attempting to hear my professor in lecture halls the size of a movie theatre, and seeing thousands of new faces every week, it is an experience you never really get used to. The friendships I made through college were my constant, my base. It was fun to grow and support each other as we achieved our goals."

-Mary Janell Murro, UH Manoa c/o Spring 2019
BS Human Development & Family Studies