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Atherton Branch


Spring 2021

Distance learning may still be happening, but so are all the virtual opportunities. If you're looking to have fun, get involved, and continue to connect with the broader community, our Atherton Student Board got you covered!  From socials to workshops and opportunities to volunteer, Atherton continues to be a positive space for everyone.

This is last updated on February 2, 2021.  We will continue to add events throughout the semester.  Contact us if you're interested in other opportunities - we're always looking for more ideas.  All activities are free and open to the public.

Follow us on Instagram @AthertonYMCA.  In our bio you'll see our Linktree page which always has our up to date list of events you can RSVP for, or see below.  All students and volunteers are expected to follow the YMCA's Virtual Code of Conduct

SOCIAL EVENTS (College Age Students Only):

All our Quarantine Quirk events are meant to give you time away from the current normal.  Spend time on yourself and meet others in the same boat.  Our college students love laughing and connecting while doing all sorts activities.  Take a break, join us - you deserve it!

The main sections of these presentations will be recorded and shared on our website.  For privacy, you may leave your camera off and change your name.


Whether you want to practice your Japanese language skills, refresh yourself of what you learned in the past, or have never taken a Japanese course ever, join us for some learning and fun. Our Atherton College volunteers will guide you through basic words, phrases, and sentences to help you navigate basic conversations. Sessions are open to learners of ALL ages. Everyone will be encouraged to practice together and have fun!

Note facilitators are volunteers with a passion and interest for Japanese language and agreed to offer free workshops for the community.  The main sections of these presentations will be recorded and shared on our website.  For privacy, you may leave your camera off and change your name.


E-Waste Project:

The Atherton YMCA Student Board was awarded grant funding to promote the proper recycling and disposal of our electronic waste.  Our streets and dumps are filled with too much waste that doesn't belong.  From January 1 to April 30, the Atherton Y Student Board will be helping other local efforts.  We plan to do mini collection days in multiple communities making it easier for households to contribute.  A part of this effort is to keep a conversation going and spread awareness.  If you'd like to get involved, email us at studentboard@ymcahonolulu.org.

Masks for the Institute of Human Services Shelter:

IHS, The Institute for Human Services is 501c3 private non-profit organization focused exclusively on ending or preventing homelessness. We are helping to spread awareness that many in our community need masks too.  Your new disposable or reusable mask (homemade ones welcome) donation will be given directly to an individual or family in need within IHS' care to help flatten the curve!  You can drop off your donation at the Kaaahi Women & Family Shelter (546 Kaaahi Street) between 8 am to 4 pm. You may unload items at the donation garage/drop off center on side of the building on Kaamahu Place.

Pear Up & Purpose Pals - Inter-generational Connections:

Pear Up and Purpose Pals are an intentional opportunity to connect students (ages 18-24) with adults (50+) using a web-based video conference platform.  Teens are also welcome to participate if they have adult permission and in some cases, supervision.  While young people have a lot to learn from other generations, a lot can be said for the opposite.  Pear Up and Purpose Pals is meant to find highlight the best of our diverse communities so we can learn, laugh, and thrive together.

Pear Up events are every third Sunday of the month from 3pm-4pm.  They include a mini workshop or guest speaker, games, and time to chat.  No fuss, no commitment.  Just spend an hour having a good time. 
Purpose Pals connects individuals in small groups or one-on-one for a series of conversations. Both younger and older pals have expressed their appreciation for their time spent together and how much of a blast they ended up having.  Plan to have one conversation, two, maybe three or more.  There's so much we can learn from one another when we connect - and there's no better time than now!  For more information about Purpose Pals, to sign up, or to schedule a chat with one of our volunteer coordinators, visit the website here.