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The Atherton YMCA focuses on college access, career exploration, job skill development, and service learning opportunities for teens and college age students.  This semester we are grateful to have over 50 volunteers providing virtual opportunities for the community.  Our Bachelor and Master of Social Work, Public Health, and Communications interns are doing a community assessment to understand the shifting needs of each audience.  They will use the anonymous responses to design a project or program to address the most pressing needs going into the Spring 2021 semester.

All surveys are completely anonymous and we encourage minors to secure their parents’ or guardians’ consent prior to participating. No information collected will allow us to identify any survey participant. Each survey is optional and participants may discontinue taking a survey at any time by simply closing their web browser.  While there are no incentives to participate, your survey results will help our interns gain practical professional skills and assist the YMCA in providing meaningful services that address immediate needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Middle School Age

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Community Resources

Our students are compiling a list of community resources and organizations available to support members of the community, especially impacted by COVID-19.  The list of resources will be available here in the near future.