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Kaimuki-Waialae Branch

About Us

Volunteer with the Y Service Club

Yearning to help? You've come to the right place.

If you were wondering how to volunteer at the Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA community, then the Kaimuki Y Service Club is perfect for you.

Here you can learn all about what we do and what we're passionate about.

We'd like to say mahalo in advance, for being interested in giving back. We're happy to have you.

About the Y Service Club

What is the Kaimuki Y Service Club

When you join the Kaimuki Y Service Club, you are joining an International organization of like-minded individuals who support both their local Y and the community at large through various service projects. We are an organization of former/current Y program participants, members, staff, and/or board members.

  • There are 1,215 clubs world-wide
  • There are Y's Men's Clubs in 63 countries and territories
  • There are 28,549 paid members world-wide and growing

Our Objectives

  • To function primarily as a service club for the YMCA and the youth.
  • To collaborate with organizations in our area
  • To cultivate fellowship.
  • To support International, Area and Regional projects in Y's domain.

Who can join the Y Service Club?

Membership to the Y Service Club is open to anyone and everyone - no referral required. Our ideal member is someone who loves their Y and/or is looking to meet new people who are community-minded.

There are no referrals required, nor any qualifications to join. We invite our members to attend Kaimuki Y Service Club meetings and to participate in our service projects.

What We Actually Do

In the Kaimuki Y Service Club, we plan and create events and projects designed to support the needs of our community and the YMCA. Examples of these would be Healthy Kids Day, the Spring Time Peace Project for elementary school kids, fundraising for the Y through the YMCA Annual Campaign, and various projects to improve the Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA branch.

When you become a member, you can expect a monthly meeting for planning these kinds of events and, just as importantly, to enjoy fellowship with all the other members of the Kaimuki Y Service Club.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at the Kaimuki Y Service Club is to be a worldwide fellowship of men and women of all faiths, working together in mutual respect and affection based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and with a common loyalty to the Young Men's Christian Association, striving through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all mankind.


Membership types

  • Full members - Men & women age 26+
  • Youth members - Men & women age 16-25
  • Family members - Children of members

Membership dues

  • Affordable international, area, and region dues are paid twice a year.
  • Youth & family members pay reduced dues
  • Many clubs have budgeted dues subsidies for anyone who cannot afford regular membership dues. Ask us about subsidies and the dues for the Kaimuki Y Service Club.

Benefits of being a member

  • Make a difference in your community and the world
  • Enjoy fellowship and fun
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Provide opportunities for youth development
  • Have opportunities to network and travel

What's expected from a member

  • Be willing to participate in, help plan, organize and lead in different activities
  • Accept and extend recognition
  • Make noise! Tell the story of Y's Men to others
  • Enjoy the fellowship

Club Meetings

  • The Kaimuki Y Service Club meets once a month - with "brown bag" meals
  • Special meetings may invite speakers, service projects, and fundraising
  • International and YMCA topics may be included
  • Service projects include raising funds for the Y's Annual Campaign