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Y Stories

Y Stories

Our organization is made up of real people, with their own stories. We at the YMCA of Nu'uanu want to highlight these passionate people; whether it be members, staff or volunteers!

           Eric Lum                                                   Sau Chun Chun

Hear how at 65 years old Eric overcame his             Meet our member that is over 100 years old
hurdles and now feels more confident than             and works out more than 4 days a week, Sau
ever. Not to mention 100 pounds lighter!                Chun Chun! Find out what her secret to living
                                                                          strong for so long is.

Kenn-y-story-page-headline-image                                  Laurie-y-story-page-headline-image
    Kenneth David                                              Laurie Hamano

Chronic Disease affects every 1 in 2 adults.               At 28 years old Laurie overcame cancer and
In Hawaii it counts for about 85% of our                   all the limitations following it. Watch how
healthcare spending. Watch how Kenneth                 Laurie's journey since then has evolved to a
continues to fight these odds at our Y.                     Group Exercise Instructor for over 20 years!

Omar-1-y-story-page-headline-image                                Kp-y-story-page-headline-image
     Omar Zaldana                                               Kathy and Patty

Statistics prove that minorities, especially                 Meet the sister duo that volunteer at our Y for
those of lower social-economic status, have              over 30 years as Group Exercise Instructors.
the highest risk of drowning. Learn how Omar           Patty even met her husband here!
took this opportunity to impact our youth               
in the community and raise the standard.

Our "Why The Y" campaign's mission is to show how our YMCA has been able to make an impact and help people in our community directly. And we want to hear "Why the Y" is important to you or how it's made an impact on your health journey! Share Your Y Story...