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Eric Lum

At 65 years old, Eric Lum has never felt more confident and consistent. Weighing in at about 140 pounds and 5 feet tall, the transition to get where he is now hasn’t always been so easy. Exercising has turned into a habit for him since losing over 100 pounds.

After facing injuries, suffering from constant headaches and other discomfort from being overweight, Eric was determined to lose the weight. While there were hurdles along the way, he managed to stay motivated and push through. “Sometimes I would get discouraged because the weight hadn’t come down. But I would tell myself to not give up because [with time] the [results] will come. And working out is just a great feeling.”

As a computer operator his job requires him to sit for long periods of time, but that hasn’t stopped him to get involved as much as he can. His daily routine consists of waking up at the crack of dawn to get to the gym. “My workout is my coffee for the day. I’ve done racquetball, basketball, aerobics, swimming and running; all here at the Y.”

With someone as hardworking and self-motivated as Eric Lum, one question is pressing to be answered: “What motivates you to workout so early every morning?” His response: “I really believe that my body is a temple of the holy spirit. [Working out] makes me feel more alert, I sleep better and it helps my mood. I just feel more alive!”

Eric’s advice for those with New Year's resolutions or going through a similar transition is to “just get started, the hardest part is getting there and warming up.”

​When looking back at his long Y experience he credits the sense of community and friendships he’s built here to be the reason that keeps him coming back.

“I am so glad that I joined the Y because it helped me build relationships and helped my health overall. I don’t know what I would do without it. The people here are one of the best incentives [to staying fit and sticking around].”

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