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Sau Chun Wong Chun

Meet Sau Chun Wong Chun. Although her smile is incredible and personality is heartwarming, there is much more that makes her special! Sau Chun is a 100 year old Nu’uanu YMCA member that attends our aqua aerobics classes four times a week.

She broke her bones three times in a single year; and arthritis, scoliosis, and preventing a stroke are her daily struggles. Sau Chun, her daughter Yen, and her caretaker Ellen got news that the rehabilitation center she had been visiting was closing down. With the advice from her physical therapist, the search began for a pool exercise program. And that is where Sau Chun says, “we found the Y.. and it’s better.”

Being amongst others who do not just have a handicap, but who are working on their health gives her motivation. Sau Chun’s caretaker says “she doesn’t like easy and always tries to do more than is expected of her. When the doctors told her to do something only 10 times, she would go and do 20. When the Y instructors tried to give her a smaller water barbell, she said no, and took the bigger one.”

Of course, with as much spirit and self-motivation that someone like Sau Chun has, there was another question begging to be asked: “What is the secret to living strong?” Her reply: “Forgive and forget. If you’re angry at someone you’re only hurting your own health, not theirs. Always look on the good side of things, stay positive, and let it go.”

“After I came here, my daughter and caretaker think I’m much healthier than I was three years ago from when we started this whole journey. Thank you so much for having this program. When we first started out we had about 10 people in the class and now we have 30!”

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