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Windward Branch



The Windward Y offers a variety of memberships to fit the needs of our growing and diverse Windward community.

Family Memberships: include all dependent children up to the age of 26* (*must be enrolled as a full time student at college or university).
Benefits: Child watch is included in the cost of your family membership and may be utilized for up to 2 hours each day while you workout in the facility. A reservation is required for Child watch. 20% off swim lessons, camp, youth and other programs is an additional family membership benefit. COVID UPDATE: Childwatch remains closed at this time.

1 Adult family- $70/month
2 Adult family- $85/month
3 Adult family- $116/month
4 Adult family- $147/month

Other Membership Categories:

2 Adults or Dual (age 19 and older)- $76/month
Adult (age 27-64)- $53/month
Senior (age 65+)- $49/month
Young Adult (age 19-26)- $41/month
Teen (age 13-18)- $29/month

Joiner Fee: The Windward Y charges a $99 non-refundable joiner's fee, which must be paid on the date of membership enrollment.  Re-joining after cancelling: Joiner's fees are applicable to any membership that has been cancelled for more than 60 days,  (example: you were a member, you cancelled your membership and 3 month later decide to re-join. The $99 joiner's fee will be charged).

Nationwide Membership:   
Your Y membership is nationwide! Your membership enables you to visit any participating YMCA in the United States through membership at your 'home' Y. This benefit is valid for active, full facility Y members on a monthly basis. Nationwide member visitors must use their home Y at least 50% of the time. Program only & special memberships are not eligible for nationwide membership. A photo ID and waiver will be required when visiting other participating nationwide Y locations.

Payment Options: Bank or credit card draft authorizes the Y to draft a checking account or credit card on an ongoing basis on the day of registration.
The Y of Honolulu DOES NOT accept cash as a form of monthly draft payments.

Cancelling Your Membership:  Membership cancellations must be made in person or in writing (via email). Cancellation requires a 7 day written notice. You will receive a cancellation confirmation either by e-mail or in person. Please retain the cancellation receipt as proof of your cancellation. For annual members, refunds will be issued and mailed to you.

Membership Holds: Your membership may be put on 'medical hold' for up to 60 days. Please inquire at the welcome center for more information on required documentation.

Membership for ALL: The Y of Honolulu has implemented an income-based, island-wide membership model to make the Y more financially accessible to all.
Please stop by the welcome center to view the MFA chart or visit to see what type of membership you can qualify for at your income level.

Financial Assistance: The YMCA is a non-profit organization committed to being accessible to all. Through the generosity of donors, the Y provides assistance for youth, adults and families who cannot afford the cost of Y memberships or programs. Please inquire at the welcome center about financial assistance for membership or any of our programs.