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Mobile App

We're Mobile For You

Download our mobile app to get YMCA info when you want it, where you want it...on the go! Already have our mobile app? Make sure you update it to get the latest features!


  • Customize your app by choosing between any of our branches.
  • View schedules for classes, events and all things happening throughout our branches and programs.
  • Add events to your calendar, set reminders so you are never late and invite friends through our social media sharing features.
  • Receive push notifications for last minute cancellations, exciting promotions or important messages.

Available for Android and Apple Devices

To download or update our mobile app go to Google Play (for Android Devices) or the App Store (for Apple Devices) and search “YMCA of Honolulu”. Simply click download and you will begin to experience all the great NEW features our app has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

I opened the mobile app and an alert appeared stating “We were unable to determine your current location to find nearby facilities.” What do I do?

If your location services are disabled, this message may appear when you open the app. Click okay to disregard this message and continue to the next screen. 

How do I turn on/off push notifications?

To update your push notifications preferences, click on the settings button on your branch home screen. In the Settings screen, select “Push Notifcations” under Account. In the Push Notifications screen, you can turn on/off push notifications by toggling the button. You can also select the type of notifications you’d like to receive (if you have push notifications on).

I can only view information about one branch. How can I view information about another branch?

When you initially open the mobile app, you are asked to select a preferred location. You can change the preferred location at any time by clicking the “Settings” button on your branch home screen and selecting “Change Location” under Account.