Free benefit of Y membership

As a Y member, you can virtually attend more than 100 local group exercise classes and 1,500+ national classes each week. Here’s how it works:

Find a class

  • View the schedule for livestream local classes.
  • Go to YMCA360 for national livestream classes.


  • Local livestream classes: You must register for each class date/time individually. You can register using MotionVibe, our online reservation system, or the YMCA Honolulu mobile app. If you haven’t used either of these methods before, you will need to first sign up to create a new account. If you are attending a livestream Jazzercize class, you need to pay the $15 monthly Jazzercize fee before you can register for the class online.
  • National livestream classes: Just go to YMCA360, and once you’re registered you’re in!

Join the class

  • Local livestream classes: Once registered you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to join the class when it is time. Save this email and use it to log into the class at least 10 minutes before it starts 
    • To ensure you have a chance to warm up safely.
    • To download the Zoom Client for Meetings software. Then, select the Meeting test to ensure you’re all set. (This can be done at any time before you try to join a class if you don’t want to wait.)
  • National livestream classes: Just go to YMCA360.

Tips for livestream classes

  • During class all participants are muted so you can only hear the instructor. The instructor cannot hear you (or your kids or dog). The instructor might unmute members after class to give you a chance to say hello to one another.
  • If you have questions during class, you can use the chat space to ask questions. Your instructor will respond at the end of the class.
  • If you want the instructor to be able to see you – then leave your video on. This can be helpful if you are new to a class and would like feedback on how you perform certain moves or exercises. If you wish to just show your name and no video, then you can turn your video off. The choice is yours!
  • If you lose internet connection during class, just log back in.