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Honor and Memorial Gifts

2019 Tribute Gifts

In Memory of Anthony Good
Gerry and Earle Alexander III
Donald and Susan Anderson
Roy and Charlotte Arakaki
Sandra Blauvelt
Michael F. Broderick and Maile T. Meyer
Gerald K. Cahill
Forrest M. Craig
Blue D. Eisen
Emily H. Fujii
Stephen and Andrea Gelber
Signe Godfrey
Maria Helena Good
Ian P. Griggs
Peter N. Grossman
David and Colleen Haig
Stephen E. Harris
Mel Hertz
Gerry Jobs
Myrna J. Kamae
Filomena P. Kanai
James and Judith Knapp
Betty Lou Larson
Suzanne L. Lewis
William R. Liggett
Tan Tek and Wai Ling Lum
Gaelic Ma
Nancy S. Mandl
Nan Chul Shin Foundation
Carol A. Nelson
Nancy Pace
Tanya L. Reed
Al Serafin
Alan S. W. Song
Jeanne K. Tsushima
Kerri and John Van Duyne
Michael B. and Joanne Y. Wood

In Memory of Bobbie McWhite
Donna Witherspoon

In Honor of Cayla Lee
Leon Logothetis

In Memory of Clara Kawasaki
Annette Kawasaki

In Memory of David Oka
Karen Robertshaw

In Honor of Diego Zarate
Amber Skelton

In Memory of Ed Toma
Sabrina Toma

In Honor of Eleanor Cole Nordyke
Aimee Grace

In Honor of Estelle Kan Kong
Vivien Ho

In Memory of Estelle Kan Kong
Vivien Ho

In Memory of Howard Nakamura
Howard I & Amy S Nakamura Living Trust
In Memory of Jason Bruce (Stanford Law School Class of 1988)
Waterford Vein Institute

In Memory of John L Archambault, MD
Sylvia Wilmeth

In Memory of Karel Ling
Dorothy Kawamoto

In Honor & Celebration of Mary Ann Knerr's 90th Birthday!
Joyce Ingram-Chinn

In Honor of Mei-Chih Chun
Edith Maier

In Honor of Dr. Michael Chun
James and Momi Kometani

In Honor of Michael Kawaharada
John Hara Associates Inc.

In Memory of Michael Kozuma
June R. Billamor

In Memory of Dr. Niki Libarios
Norencio Bungalon
Kyle Chang
Neal Takemoto

In Honor of Pai-Lin Lee
Charles Chou

In Memory of Robert Kuwahara
Lenora Springer

In Memory of Robyn Honnaka
Lei Kudo

In Memory of Roseanne Ishihiro
Robyn Honnaka

In Memory of Russ Lynch
Windward Y Service Club

In Memory of Sharon Ann Horita
Elaine Okawa

In Memory of Steven Kranz
Clive Cowell

In Honor of Susan Hashimoto

In Memory of Tricia Coder
Mary Hammond

In Memory of Verna Hia
Donna Kranz

In Memory of Vicky DeRego Makua
Barbara Tavares

In Memory of Wayne Maekawa
Wesly Maekawa
*List as of December 31, 2019