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A variety of martial arts classes are offered for youth and adults at our YMCA branches.

Below is a brief description of classes and a link if registration is currently open.

Visit our on-line registration for details and registration for all of our current adult and youth Martial Arts program offerings. Classes currently offered also have clickable registration links below. Please be sure to check back as we continue to add more classes and locations!


The goal of Aikido training is to harmonize with the flow of Universal Energy "ki" and improve one's character. Focuses on self defense, coordination of mind and body, discipline, awareness and concentration, confidence, and respect.

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Emphasis on fun and full physical activity for top conditioning. Judo provides means for learning and improving one's self discipline, character, self defense, and improve physical endurance.

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Increase confidence and discipline, improve concentration, build good sportsmanship and character, improve coordination, reflexes, and overall health and fitness.

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