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Amenity Guidelines

Details on Fitness Centers, Classes, Pools, Workout Childwatch, Locker Room guidelines and more.

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers at each Y Branch include exercise machines, stretching and functional training areas, free weights, and weight rooms. Specific equipment varies by location.

New Member Free Guided Workout

New members may schedule a free guided workout to learn how to use basic equipment and machines. A guided workout is done with one of our Healthy Lifestyles Coaches and will acquaint you with the equipment, showing you how to use the machines properly. While it is not a personal training session and Healthy Lifestyles Coaches will not be prescribing a workout, you will be provided guidance on how to use the machines you are interested in. Guided workouts are up to 60 minutes in length to provide enough time to cover a variety of equipment, if requested.

Schedule a guided workout at the Welcome Center, through our Call Center at 808-678-4296, or submit a request online:

Additionally, there are staff available to help in the Fitness Center with questions you might have about equipment or exercises.

Age Guidelines

Children under age 13 must be supervised by an adult in all areas of the facility, or they must be enrolled in a supervised program activity. For their safety, children are not permitted in some areas of the fitness facility. Check with the Welcome Center at each branch for details.

Rules and Common Courtesies
  • Attire: Exercise tops, bottoms, closed-toe and closed-heel shoes must be worn when using weight and fitness machines and machines. Swimsuits that cover private parts are required when using pools.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the workout areas or locker rooms, except water. Vending machines and eating areas are available at each Y Branch.
  • Please limit your cardio equipment usage to 30 or 45 minutes per session depending on your YMCA Branch. Please follow posted signage.
  • All YMCA facilities are smoke-free environments.
  • Please follow all YMCA Code of Conduct rules.
Fitness Center Locations and Hours of Operation

Kaimuki-Waialae, 4835 Kilauea Avenue, Honolulu, (808) 737-5544
  • Monday-Friday 6am-8pm
    Saturday 8am-6pm
    Sunday Closed
Kalihi, 1335 Kalihi Street, Honolulu, (808) 848-2494
  • Monday-Friday 6am-8pm
    Saturday 8am-6pm
    Sunday Closed
Leeward, 94-440 Mokuola Street, Waipahu, (808) 671-6495
  • Monday-Thursday 6am-9pm
    Friday 6am-8pm
    Saturday 7am-4pm
    Sunday Closed
Mililani, 95-1190 Hikikaulia Street, Mililani, (808) 625-1040
  • Monday - Friday 6am-8pm
    Saturday 8:30am-2pm
    Sunday Closed
Nu’uanu, 1441 Pali Highway, Honolulu, (808) 536-3556
  • Monday - Friday 5am-8pm
    Saturday 6 am-5pm
    Sunday Closed
Windward, 1200 Kailua Road, Kailua, (808) 261-0808
  • Monday - Friday 6am-8pm
    Saturday 8am to 3pm
    Sunday 9am-2pm

Fitness Classes

Group Exercise classes are free* to attend. There are more than 100 classes per week, and categories include cardio, dance, strength, Pilates, yoga, water exercise, and more. Choose from in-person indoor, outdoor, and pool classes and also live stream and on-demand classes.

Advance online reservations are not required, but are available. While most of our classes have lots of spots open, some popular classes may reach capacity. In those cases, advance reservations are recommended since priority will be given to those with reservations if a class reaches capacity.

Y members may also register for unlimited Live Stream Group Exercise Classes - more than 100 are offered weekly - through our online reservation system or mobile app. And more than 1,500+ livestream and on-demand virtual classes and activities through YMCA360.

*Jazzercise classes (in-person at Kaimuki and live stream) cost an additional $15 per month to participate in unlimited classes for the month. The fee must be prepaid prior to registering.

Getting Started

All fitness levels are welcome to attend classes.

  • You can choose from in-person indoor, outdoor, and pool classes. Your Y membership also includes our Virtual Y where you can take classes from the comfort of your home via our live stream classes (more than 100 local classes a week) or through YMCA360 that offers more than 1,500+ livestream and on-demand virtual classes and activities .
  • When attending a new class, please arrive (or check in online) 10 minutes early, and let the instructor know you’re a beginner. The instructor can offer tips, tell you what equipment is needed, and offer alternate exercise options.
  • When taking an in-person class, standing in the middle of the room is a good idea so the instructor can see your form, and you can watch the front row for visual cues.
  • In-Person Group Exercise Class Reservations Are Not Required, but Available: While "walk-in's" are welcome, some popular classes may reach capacity. In those cases, advance reservations are recommended since priority will be given to those with reservations if a class reaches capacity. Y members can reserve their group class spot up to two days in advance, beginning at 8 am, using our online reservation system (MotionVibe) or YMCA Mobile app.
  • Live Stream Group Exercise Class Reservations: Y members may also register for unlimited Live Stream Group Exercise Classes - more than 100 local live stream classes are offered weekly - through our online reservation system or mobile app. YMCA360 offers more than 1,500+ livestream and on-demand virtual classes and activities .
Making Your Reservations
Rules and Common Courtesies
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your in-person group exercise class and check in at the Welcome Center to claim your reservation spot. Any members with reservations who are not checked in 10 minutes before the start of class will be removed from the list, and all walk-in's will be welcomed in.
  • Please wait to enter the studio or set up equipment needed in class until the previous class is finished.
  • You may bring your own fitness equipment for classes that utilize this. Equipment and sanitizing supplies will also be available for those members who do not bring their own, and we ask that members disinfect any equipment used before and after use.
  • Food and drink (other than water) is not allowed.
  • Bring a towel and water bottle.
  • For our live streaming group exercise classes, please log in 10 minutes before class starts to ensure you do not miss the warm up.
Fitness Class Locations
  • “Land” Group Exercise Classes: Kaimuki-Waialae, Kalihi, Leeward, Mililani, Nu’uanu, Windward
  • “Pool” Group Exercise Classes: Kaimuki-Waialae, Leeward, Mililani, Nu’uanu, Windward

Heated Pools

Heated pools for lap swim, exercise, and family swim are available at the Kaimuki-Waialae, Leeward, Mililani, Nu’uanu, and Windward Y Branches. Nu’uanu and Windward Y have saline heated pools.

Rules and Common Courtesies
  • Please don’t use the pool if you are feeling unwell, have an open cut or blister, or suspect you have a communicable disease.
  • Please shower before entering the water or after use of toilet facilities.
  • Diving is prohibited in water less than 9 feet deep.
  • Spitting or spouting water from your mouth, or blowing your nose in the pool isn’t allowed.
  • Do not run or engage in rough play.
  • Diaper changing is allowed in restrooms—but not in the pool area.
  • Animals are not allowed.
  • Glass and breakable items are not allowed.
  • Food and drink (other than water) is not allowed.
  • For aquatic staff training, the Y does periodic safety drills by simulating emergencies—your cooperation in following staff instructions during a drill is greatly appreciated.

Locker Rooms

  • While lockers are available for daily use by members and guests, please leave valuables at home. To use our lockers, please bring your own lock, and remove it at the end of each visit. Padlocks are also available for purchase at many YMCA locations. Locks left overnight on lockers will be removed.
  • Members may also wear a fanny pack to store their personal items while exercising. For safety reasons, we do not allow any bags or backpacks on the floor of our facility, and we are not able to store any personal items or bags at our Welcome Center.
  • Valuables cannot be accepted for safekeeping at the Welcome Center.
Access and Age Guidelines

The YMCA's practice is to welcome all members and do our best to accommodate everyone. Children ages five and younger may enter the YMCA locker rooms of their opposite sex parent or guardian. If family locker rooms are available, we strongly encourage you to use these locker rooms with children of the opposite sex.

Lost and Found

The Y is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Contact the Welcome Center to retrieve lost and found items. All content that is not recovered will be donated to a local charity.

Cell Phone Policy

All cell phone usage and picture taking is prohibited in all locker rooms for the security and comfort of members and guests. Please restrict picture taking to your own child. Violation of this policy can result in consequences up to termination of membership.

Child Watch While You Work Out

As an exclusive Y Family Membership complimentary benefit, we'll take care of your keiki, ages 3 months* to 12 years old. while you work out or take a class at our Y! Your keiki will enjoy safe and fun, age-appropriate activities under the loving care of our staff. Activities and hours of availability vary by location.

  • Up to 1.5 hours per day for a maximum of 6 hours per week of Child Watch is included as an exclusive complimentary benefit for Y Family members.
  • Advance online reservations are required and are available up to 48 hours in advance on a first come, first served basis using our Alaris online reservation system:
    1. Register using your Y Family Membership Customer ID number. You can find it on your Mobile App or you can email or call our Service Center at or 808-678-4296. If you are a new member, please allow 24 hours for your information to appear in our Alaris reservation system.
    2. Once registered, you can make an online reservation anytime up to 48 hours in advance by clicking here.
  • Child Watch Parent Handbook
Age Guidelines
Days & Times
3 months–12 years
24 months–12 years
Mon- Fri
4 pm-7pm
24 months–12 years
24 months–12 years
3 months–12 years
3 months–12 years
Mon/Wed/ Fri
Tues/ Thurs/Sat

Rules and Common Courtesies
  • Visit times are limited to 1.5 hours per day and a maximum of 6 hours per week per child.
  • Children must be checked in and out of the Child Watch area by a parent/guardian with an ID. Children cannot be released to an individual who did not sign the child in unless permission is given by the parent/guardian before they leave and proper identification is checked and confirmed at pick up.
  • You must remain on Y premises while your child is at the Child Watch Center, and available by cell phone.
  • If your child has any special needs or medical conditions, please let the staff know. Please note that any medication must be administered by a parent/guardian.
  • Please don’t bring a child who is ill or showing signs of illness.
  • You will be notified to return to Child Watch immediately if your child is injured, inconsolable after 15 minutes, showing symptoms of illness, needs a diaper change, or shows aggressive/inappropriate behavior.
  • Food or snacks aren’t allowed, except water and pre-mixed formula marked with date and time made.
  • Please don’t bring toys or personal belongings, except comfort items like a pacifier or blanket, or water cup or formula - and be sure these items are labeled with your child's first and last name.
  • Please cancel your reservation if you are not going to use it so that others may have the opportunity to register.
  • The YMCA doesn’t allow private child care by a YMCA employee for any YMCA participant. Staff are not allowed to personally babysit any child they meet in Child Watch or other Y programs.
Proper Attire
  • If your child wears diapers, please bring them in a clean, dry diaper. Staff are not able to change diapers, you will be notified if your child requires a diaper change.
  • Please bring extra clothes in the event of an accident.
Staff Certifications

All Child Watch team members are required to pass a criminal background check and receive annual safety training on:

  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Child abuse prevention
Child Watch Locations
  • Kaimuki-Waialae
  • Kalihi
  • Leeward
  • Mililani
  • Nu’uanu
  • Windward