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Since 1869, the Y has worked side by side with our local communities through wars, economic downturns, social upheaval and health crises. The YMCA is committed and equipped to meet the changing needs and challenges of Oahu's families and communities.

The Y is one of the largest providers of youth and teen programs in Hawaii (including after school programs and teen outreach/counseling). The demand for financial aid continues to grow. Each year, the Y assists youth and families with almost $1,000,000 in financial aid to participate in Y programs and services.

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Swim Safety

We work to ensure all children learn water safety skills, regardless of their financial situation. In addition to financial aid for swim lessons, students from underserved areas are provided Safety Around Water lessons. Many can’t afford a swimsuit and have never been in the water. Drowning is the 4th leading cause of death in Hawaii—double the rate of drowning on the mainland. Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

  • $25 sponsors a parent and child for 1 swim lesson.
  • $250 sponsors one child for a session of 5 swim lessons.
  • $5,000 sponsors one elementary school class to complete the Safety Around Water program, where kids learn the skills needed to reduce the risk of drowning and gain confidence around water.

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Camps and Afterschool Programs

At Y programs and camps, kids make new friends, gain new skills, make discoveries through art, science, literacy, and outdoor experiences and stay active by playing every day. Last year:

  • 5,000 youth were kept safe and thriving in YMCA A+ Afterschool Programs
  • 4,580 youth were kept active and engaged, attending Y camps during school breaks
  • 6,500 kids participated in YMCA summer camps, including thousands at Camp Erdmanʻs overnight weekly camps.

For many of our campers, it’s their first time away from their parents. For others, it’s a welcome break from pressures at home or at school. At camp, kids can be kids. Unfortunately, not all families whose children could benefit the most from camp are not able to afford it. Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

  • $50 provides materials for hands-on learning projects for kids to learn about the world around them and their impact on it.
  • $275 gives a child 1 week of summer day camp.
  • $750 sponsors 1 week of overnight camp.

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Preschool and early-learning programs

The Y’s preschool and early learning programs provide a much-needed safe and nurturing environment to prepare young children to enter kindergarten as well as provide opportunities for families to work to support their family.

Studies confirm that each dollar spent on early-childhood programs yields a 3- to 8-fold return in long-term economic benefits to society. Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

  • $25 stocks our lending libraries with books and learning materials to support parents to be their child’s first teacher.
  • $450 provides 1 week of early learning.
  • $1,385 provides 1 month of preschool tuition to support a toddler’s growth and a working parent in need.

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Teen Programs

Through a variety of Y programs teen participants build confidence, develop leadership skills, and grow. We provide different, youth-directed activities and options that ensure every teen can find something to match their interests. Last year, 750 tees kept safe, healthy, and connected with a free Y 'Opio Summer Membership.

The Y also helps teens who may need support, including an onsite food, academic support, advocacy with juvenile and family courts, and guidance around mental health and substance abuse. Last year, 1,100 teens were supported in substance-abuse treatment.

  • $200 gives a middle-school student skills needed to stay safe, thrive in school, and find their passion and place in our world.
  • $525 provides 15 middle-school students to take hold of their life journey through education.
  • $700 supports an underserved teen in seeing that college is possible.


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Young Adult Programs

At the Y, our cause is to strengthen the foundations of our community—which is why we provide innovative programming and events for Hawaii’s next generation of leaders. Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

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Senior Programs

Seniors of “kupuna” at the YMCA experience a sense of belonging and create a network of friends who provide support for sustained health and wellbeing. Kupuna account for nearly 20% of the population in Honolulu County—and 5% of that population is served by the Y.  Kupuna served through the Y report:

  • 100% improved energy, strength, and outlook on life
  • 99% feel a sense of belonging
  • 99% improve their balance

Many seniors live on fixed incomes, making it difficult to afford more than the basics of food, shelter, and medical needs and many do not have family support. Last year, we served 34,411 free nutritious meals and provided 1,065 hours of enrichment and wellness activities that helped hundreds of kupuna improve their health, feel valued, and connect with new friends.

Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

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Our Community’s Greatest Needs

Your support addresses the changing needs of our community. These donations are designed to be flexible to allow our Y to nimbly respond to circumstances facing our community, including health crises, financial challenges and an increased demand for new services or different types of facilities.

By allowing for flexibility, the Y can respond quickly and appropriately to our community’s greatest needs. 

Last year:

  • 44,736 free hot, nutritious meals were served to children at risk of hunger
  • $1 million+ in program support and financial aid was provided to those in need

Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

  • $250 supports an at-risk teen’s need for counseling around mental health and substance abuse.
  • $650 helps a struggling family thrive together with a 6-month family membership.
  • $1,000 ensures 10 kids don’t go to bed hungry with a week of after-school meals.

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