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Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

[January 12, 2021 Update] SWIM LESSON UPDATE:


Learn to swim from a skilled teacher on a one-on-one basis. Or “buddy up” with another individual from your household and learn together.

Please see our FAQ below to learn about our enhanced safety and sanitation precautions, how to register, and what to expect. All lessons packages are pre-paid and non-refundable. Member rates are not available.

Private Lesson Classes Single Student Buddy: Two Students from Same Household
Five 30-Minute Classes $150 ($30 per class) $250 ($50 per class)
Five 45-Minute Classes $225 ($45 per class) $375 ($75 per class)


How do I register?

Fill out and submit the online private swim lesson request form for the branch where you would like to take lessons:

Upon receipt, the Aquatics Director from the YMCA Branch you selected will contact you within 7 business days to update you on the status of your request. Due to high demand your request will be accommodated in the order it is received. Spaces are limited, please submit your request form as soon as possible. Lessons will be filled based on instructor availability.

Which YMCA Branches are offering Private Swim Lessons?

Kaimuki-Wai‘alae, Leeward, Mililani, Nu‘uanu, Windward, and Camp Erdman.

All YMCA Branches, except Camp Erdman offer heated pools. Nu'uanu and Windward's are saline pools. While Camp Erdman's pool is not heated, water temperature averages above 72 degrees.

What can I expect and what do I bring?

  • Arrival Time: Plan on arriving no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled class time. Some facilities will have a separate entrance for the pool area.
  • What to Wear:
    • Wear a mask at all times while in the facility, except when in the pool.
    • Be dressed in swim attire prior to entering the facility. Currently locker rooms are not available to comply with State safety and social distancing guides. While some facilities do have changing stalls available, to make the most of your time, you should come prepared to swim.
      During our initial phase we will have a Wrap –n- Go policy. We ask that students arrive in their swim suits and immediately after class wrap in a towel and exit facility. With the exception of those children that need to change from swim diapers.
    • Assist your child in putting on a flotation belt (if needed).
  • What to Bring: Towel and use of goggles is recommended.
  • Shower Before and After Lesson: On deck showers are available before and after lessons.
  • Where to sit during swim lessons: We will be providing seating on/around our pool deck for 1 parent/guardian. We ask that any additional family members wait in our designated area and to maintain social distancing from other families.
  • If you or your child is not feeling well: Please refrain from coming to the Y. Give us a call to reschedule your lesson.

Can I go into the pool with my child during their swim lesson?

Yes. However, we discourage it, and will work with the parent/guardian to use this as a last resort. While toddlers and younger swimmers are sometimes more comfortable when their parent or guardian is in the pool with them, we find that sometimes this may hinder the child from working with the swim lesson instructor delaying the building of trust and progression. If it is necessary to have a parent/guardian in the pool with their child, we ask that the parents/guardian maintain at least 6 feet of distance from the instructor and other swimmers in the pool at all times.

What are the safety and sanitation procedures in place for private swim lessons?

  • Temperature Checks and Health Screening: Before being allowed to complete your reservation, and each time before entering the YMCA, you will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver, acknowledge that you are able to wear a mask while in the facility at all times (except when actively in the pool) and be able to answer “no” to each of the following 4 health screening questions:
    • Are you experiencing any cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell?
    • Have you had a fever of 100.4 or more during the last 48 hours?
    • Do you, or anyone in your household, have an active or suspected case of COVID-19?
    • Are you or anyone in your household currently mandated to quarantine by the State of Hawaii?
  • Masks and Face Shields:
    • All staff who are not in the water will be wearing face masks.
    • All instructors in the water will be wearing face shields. The face shields are for your child’s protection and the instructor’s protection.
    • Everyone visiting our facility is required to wear a face mask as well. Children will not be wearing face masks while in the water
  • Social Distancing:
    • Instructors will remain 6 feet away from the swimmer unless it is unsafe for them to do so. Instructors will utilize various teaching techniques and aids to allow for 6 feet of distancing. Novice swimmers may require closer physical supervision.
    • We will be providing seating on/around our pool deck for 1 parent/guardian. We ask that any additional family members wait in our designated area and practice social distancing with others.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation: All equipment is sanitized after use. All high touch surfaces and pool decks are cleaned and sanitized frequently. The YMCA Branch is deep cleaned daily.
  • Staff and Instructor Safety Training: All YMCA staff have been trained on safety and sanitation procedures. In addition, all swim instructors have completed training that covers specific adjustments for swim lesson safety in:
    • Social Distancing
    • Teaching techniques that allow for maximum distancing
    • COVID mitigation practices

What is your cancellation policy, and who do I call if I have to cancel a swim lesson?

We have temporarily modified our standard cancellation policy:

  • If you need to cancel your swim lesson, you may reschedule your lesson based on availability with no penalty, if you notify your instructor 4 hours or more in advance.
  • If you know you/your child will not pass the temperature check or health screening questions, you may notify your instructor to reschedule your lesson based on availability with no penalty, if you notify your instructor 4 hours or more in advance .
  • There will be no refund or rescheduling for No Shows, No Calls or if you cancel your swim lesson less than 4 hours in advance.

To notify your instructor in advance of a cancellation, please call your YMCA Branch:

  • Kaimuki-Waialae: 808-737-5544
  • Leeward: 808-671-6495
  • Mililani: 808- 625-1040
  • Nu’uanu: 808-536-3556
  • Windward: 808-261-0808
  • Camp Erdman: 808-637-4615, extension 2003

Who can come to swim lessons? My other child who is not swimming and I have no other option but to bring them.

We are asking only one caregiver per child. If your family has no other option, or if you have two children enrolled in classes that take place after the other, you may bring the sibling and keep them close to you. We ask that you please respect social distancing at all times.

Is it safe to swim?

Yes, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) issued guidance that it is safe to swim as the virus cannot be spread via chlorinated and maintained water. Our pools meet or exceed the health standards recommended by the CDC and local authorities.

Here is a link to CDC about pools and COVID-19.

The YMCA of Honolulu's Aquatics Program focuses on keeping kids safe in and around the water, building participant confidence, and helping participants to achieve their aquatic goals.

Based on extensive research, our swim curriculum is designed to better accommodate students of varying abilities and ages, foster a sense of achievement from the start, and allow students to move easily from one level to the next with clearly defined stages of progress along the way.

Youth Group Swim Lessons - Temporarily Suspended due to City "Tier 2" Restrictions

Parent/Tot (Ages 6 Months-3 Years)

This program is a water orientation class designed for parent* and child participation. The class encourages the bond of trust between parent and child and teaches parents how to guide and supervise their children around the water. The child will be exposed to basic movements.

  • Class Levels Offered
    • A/Water Discovery
    • B/Water Exploration

*At the Y, we define parent broadly to include all adults with primary responsibility for raising children, including guardians, stepparents, grandparents, or any other type of parenting relationship.

Pre-School (Ages 3-5 Years)

The preschool swim program is designed to help children progress and build elementary swimming and safety skills. Children are placed in small groups with the YMCA trained instructors. Class emphasis is on developing the coordination, endurance, and self-confidence of the preschooler.

  • Class Levels Offered
    • 1/Water Acclimation
    • 2/Water Movement
    • 3/Water Stamina
    • 4/Stroke Introduction

Youth (Ages 6-12 Years)

The progressive swim program is designed to help children grow personally and develop strokes and safety skills. Emphasis is on endurance, personal safety, skill development, and lifesaving techniques.

  • Class Levels Offered
    • 1/Water Acclimation
    • 2/Water Movement
    • 3/Water Stamina
    • 4/Stroke Introduction
    • 5/Stroke Development
    • 6/Stroke Mechanics
    • 7/Endurance, Sports & Games
    • 8/Aquatics Conditioning

At What Swim Level Should I Register My Child?

If you or your child are not currently enrolled in a swim lesson class or you’re not sure what stage you or your child should be enrolled in, please use the Lesson Selector as a guide or talk with your Branch Aquatics Director.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons are for those individuals who wish to learn to swim or those who want to improve their technique. Classes have a low student-to-instructor ratio, which allows for personal instruction in each class. Each level is comprised of five elements: personal safety, skill development, personal growth, water sports/games and rescue.

Private Swimming Lessons

With a private swim instructor, you will achieve optimal results via appropriate drills and activities. Private swimming lessons allow for flexible scheduling. During your lessons, you will learn proper swimming techniques and receive positive encouragement, motivation and accountability.

  • Private swim lessons are a great opportunity to learn to swim from a skilled teacher on a one-on-one basis.
  • Lessons are available for ages 3 years old to adults.
  • Lessons are available in five-session packages.
  • Each session is 30-minutes in length.
  • All lessons packages are pre-paid and non-refundable.
  • Not all Y Branches offer private lessons, check with the Welcome Center at your Y Branch.
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